Shonette Babb: Student Success Story


I graduated from the Educational Assistant Diploma Program in 2011.  Prior to doing this I worked in retail for ten years.  I wasn’t satisfied with this profession, but I was fearful of doing something different.  I wanted to do the program for over ten years, but never worked up the courage to actually do it.  When I finally enrolled and was accepted, I was excited but still a little apprehensive.  After all, it had been over fifteen years since I had graduated from high school.  My experience in school hadn’t been ideal and I had come away with negative feelings about my abilities and my learning.

While I was in the Educational Assistant program, my eyes were opened to the wide range of learning disorders and needs that plague children these days.  I had faced so many challenges as a child and felt that I would be able to relate and be able to assist children in my new role as an EA.  During the program, I also gained confidence in my learning abilities.  I realized that there are many different ways to learn.  The instructors and staff in this program were extremely helpful.  They provided assistance wherever needed, and did their best to ensure that we were successful in our studies.  This positive experience whetted my appetite for learning.  I plan to further my studies and have applied to the Faculty of Education.  I am currently employed as a casual EA, working daily in the Seven Oaks School Division.  I am really enjoying the experience and wish that I had done this a lot sooner.


Educational Assistant Diploma Program (Full-time)

Year of Graduation


Current Employer

Seven Oaks School Division

Job Title

Educational Assistant
Wesley and Buhler Buildings