Steve Gomori: Student Success Story

In the Spring of 2007, I quit my job as a courier, went to Europe for three months, and had the time of my life. I had decided that something needed to change in my life. For ten years, I had been becoming increasingly frustrated with the type of employment options I was faced with, and the wages they offered. While an acting career was, and still is, my primary passion and pursuit, it is undeniably almost impossible to survive as an actor in Winnipeg without another stream of income.

It was on the flight home from Europe that I decided a real change needed to happen. Later that summer, I enrolled in the Internet Systems Specialist Diploma at The University of Winnipeg Professional, Applied and Continuing Education (PACE). Web development had been an interest of mine for some time, and with some university level computer science already in my back pocket, it seemed like a really good fit for a more stable career path. The one year program was fun, held my interest, and most importantly, was practical. The instructors were people in the industry who were up to date with the current trends. The program really helped me expand on my existing knowledge and raise my awareness of all the other technologies involved with web development. Having that knowledge allowed me to specialize in the areas in which I either excelled or had the most interest. I concluded the program with an internship with, where I was subsequently offered a full-time, contract position upon graduation. Now, almost five years after graduation, I have developed and specialized my skills exponentially. At last, I can now say that I have a career that is enjoyable, stimulating, and rewarding.


Web Development Diploma

Year of Graduation


Current Employer

KR Evans 2 Design Group Ltd.

Job Title

Web Application Developer
Wesley and Buhler Buildings