Tanya Anania: Student Success Story

Online learning at PACE is allowing Tanya Anania to balance her studies with a life on the go. The mother of 4-year-old twins works full-time as an IT professional at The University of Winnipeg, where she also serves on The Association of Employees Supporting Education Service (AESES) Board and the Chair of the AESES Classification Committee. Anania says choosing the Management Certificate Program was a no-brainer; she found herself applying new skills immediately.

“Some of the classes that I have completed have been extremely helpful with communication and delivery in my current role at the University,” says Anania. “I have gained more knowledge about how to use resources to better the behavior of employees and how to deal with them effectively. PACE has helped me with the understanding of how businesses are run and managed successfully. ”

Anania says for her busy schedule, studying online was the only option: “For PACE to offer a part-time program like the one I am taking is outstanding. It gives us mothers a chance to do better for our families without the added stress of tight deadlines and constant studying.”

Anania says she appreciates being able to study at night after her children are in bed, while regular deadlines within the course encourage effective time management. “Online is just amazing,” she adds. “You get to prioritize what needs to be done.”


Online Management Certificate Program

Current Employer

Unviersity of Winnipeg

Job Title

Service Desk Manager
Wesley and Buhler Buildings