Velangeline Lachance: Student Success Story

In 2007 I graduated with a Public Relations Diploma and Management Certificate. This program helped to enhance my BA, which I had received previously.  

After graduating, I worked in the lifestyles and entertainment industry, doing a variety of promotional work, including event management. My studies helped me to create low-cost events, while increasing the client’s visibility, sales and customer traffic.

After my time in that industry, I switched gears and began my current role as a Marketing and Communications Specialist. Being part of a not-for-profit organization means that I am the communications department. I am responsible for the company’s image, brand and all the supporting efforts needed to reinforce our reputation.

One of the duties required of me is to create a yearly integrated marketing and communications strategic plan to meet the organization’s needs. This plan guides the various communications and marketing techniques and tools that I use throughout the year.

Creating, designing and editing newsletters, promotional materials, and advertisements are some of the tools used to meet the objectives of the marketing and communications plan. This is in addition to media buying, sponsorships and media outreach.

Professional development is very important to me and that is why I have sustained my membership with the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) since I was a PR student. Networking with other professionals and having access to various professional development opportunities led me to not just be a member, but be part of the board.

Currently I am IABC Manitoba’s President. This experience has been very rewarding and has provided me with opportunities to travel and meet other professionals from around the world. I don’t think I would have been part of this organization if I was not introduced to it while attending the PR program.

There were many benefits to being a part of U of W’s program. It helped to build a foundation of knowledge for me to be able to execute my duties as a communications professional. The projects and assignments that were given to us as students were based on “real job” responsibilities, which helped prepare me to enter the workforce. The classes were delivered by professionals in the field, which enhanced the learning experience. The smaller class size lead to building relationships with classmates that have lasted through the years, often times running into them at industry events and working with them on projects.

Understanding how my initial experience at U of W has positively impacted my career, I decided to continue my studies in the evenings and in 2012 I graduated with a Marketing Management Diploma. I am dedicated to my profession and to continually learning. As in any industry, trends and tools change; this is why I will look to U of W whenever I need to update my education.


Public Relations, Marketing & Strategic Communication Diploma

Year of Graduation


Current Employer

Commissionaires Manitoba

Job Title

Marketing and Communications Specialist
Wesley and Buhler Buildings