Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Certificate

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Sustainability has become one of the most pressing issues for today's society. Important international, national and provincial developments related to climate policy and environmental legislation have taken place over the last two years that will create even further demand for professionals with knowledge in the field. Businesses and organizations that can align their goals and practices with social and environmental benefit will thrive in the 21st century.

Top 5 Ways to Become a Leader in Sustainability


Organizations, whether in the public or private sector, recognize that attending to sustainability  is part of doing business.  Several different frameworks, standards and best practices exist to aid organizations.  Whether the entry point into this work is reducing greenhouse gas emissions, operating in a manner that maximizes benefits to local communities, or augmenting health and wellness efforts, a holistic sustainability and corporate responsibility  framework can help focus efforts and ensure success.

Through this certificate, students will be exposed to business practices, planning and reporting frameworks, and corporate cultural values that support and encourage enhanced social and environmental responsibility.


This program is for those who have an interest in the environment and those who are tasked with supporting or introducing sustainability and corporate responsibility reporting frameworks into their work and organizations. 


Graduates will develop several key skills needed to understand the importance of  balancing the needs of the present while being aware of the future. This program will prepare you to respond to the ever-changing and complex nature of our environmental landscape. Key concepts include:

  • Aligning your organization with practices for the 21st century
  • Determining, measuring, and reporting on sustainability/corporate responsibility performance indicators
  • Developing a climate action plan and climate-proofing investments
  • Communicating and fostering an institutional culture of corporate responsibility


Next Start Dates

January, 2018


With only five courses, which can be completed in a little over one year, you will develop knowledge related to sustainability, corporate responsibility, reporting systems, best practices in communications and engagement strategies in the field, and strategies for building organizations equipped to respond to climate change.

    Career Opportunities for Graduates

    Additional Comments

    Many thanks to those that were instrumental in the development of this program:

    • CanSustain Management Solutions Inc. Winnipeg Airports Authority
    • Royal Canadian Mint
    • Integrated Design Inc. (IDI)
    • National Defense
    • Northwest Company
    • Green Manitoba
    • Government of Manitoba
    • Economic Development Council for Manitoba Bilingual Municipalities (CDEM)
    Wesley and Buhler Buildings