Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Systems and Reporting - DPS 18002

DPS 18002 36 hours

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Corporate management and reporting expectations are changing. Effectively managing and reporting on your organization’s sustainability/corporate responsibility performance can produce both tangible and intangible benefits. Increased industry credibility, improved relationships with stakeholders, and greater appeal to socially responsible investors are only a few examples. This course examines trends and developments in sustainability and corporate responsibility systems as well as the reporting frameworks that accompany them.  It introduces students to reporting frameworks, such as Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines, and basic elements of a corporate annual report. Students will review case studies to identify barriers in adopting robust sustainability and corporate responsibility systems and then explore strategies for prioritizing and integrating a sustainability and corporate responsibility certificate system into core business activities. The emphasis of the course is on learning to develop a basic set of measurement tools and indicators which can be used to monitor and report on an organization’s progress towards its sustainability/corporate responsibility goals.

Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Certificate
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