Sustainable Business Practices - DPS 51075

DPS 51075 36 hours

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Whether greening your supply chains or reducing your carbon footprint, sustainability makes good business sense and is a viable solution for reducing costs and increasing profitability. This course introduces sustainable business practices using a framework of Triple Bottom Line and the three E's of sustainability - economy, environment and equity. It also explores the key drivers of sustainability, the challenges and barriers, the spectrum of application, the standards and regulations, and the best practice of sustainability champions. Topics will include waste reduction, renewable energy, green buildings, alternative transportation, fair trade, and other emerging practices.


On completion of this course, students will:

  • Explain key sustainability terminology, principles, concepts, frameworks, and business models;
  • Define sustainability objectives for a business’ strategic plan
  • Guide the sustainability change process, unlock organizational resistance, and develop an organizational culture that supports and champions sustainability initiatives;
  • Conduct or lead the sustainability audit process;
  • Apply critical and innovative thinking skills to identify sustainable business solutions, build the business case to gain organizational support, and lead the change process;
  • Develop a systematic approach to integrate sustainable business practices across the organizational infrastructure;
  • Prepare sustainability reports for a variety of stakeholders on the economic, environmental, social and governance performance of a business.
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