UML Fundamentals for Business Analysts - DIT 16303

DIT 16303 36 hours

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Formerly DIT 36084 Object-Oriented Analysis and Object-Oriented Design*

This course takes the practitioner from the conceptual business level of understanding, to the analytical level of detail discove1y, and finally touches on the design of potential software-based solutions. Using Unified Modeling
Language (UML) techniques, the practitioner will be exposed to facilitation experiences oriented toward capturing business requirements which will be instrumental toward system and process related solutions.
This course also introduces analysis and design techniques which are intended for designing software-based systems within a larger business process and system enviI:onment. This course covers concepts including:

•    How analysis-level models are transitioned to design.
•    Advanced use ofUML diagrams to convey precise design intent.
•    Exposure to the use ofUML Behavioural diagrams to conduct business and system process analysis.
•    Facilitating scope discussions through goal based Use Case diagrams


On completion of this course, students will:

  • Understand various object orientation approaches;
  • Become familiar with object modeling, dynamic modeling and unified modeling methodology;
  • Understand how to structure and analyze systems as a collection of objects and the interactions or messages between them;
  • Be able to use cases, scenarios and sequence diagrams.
Business Systems Analyst Diploma
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DIT 16303 1701 UML Fundamentals for Business Analysts Instructor: George Poritsanos
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DIT 16303 1901 UML Fundamentals for Business Analysts Instructor:
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