Web Animation - DIT 21126

DIT 21126 36 hours

This course currently has no upcoming scheduled dates. Please check back here soon.

Animating with a timeline is one of the most widely used 2-D animation methods on the Web today. This course will focus on Adobe Flash given its highly intuitive application and commercial popularity. Students will learn how to create keyframe animation, navigate the Flash interface, use the drawing and text tools, import sounds and graphics, optimize Flash movies, and publish the necessary files for display on the Web. This course will also explore how to apply keyframe-based animation to other programs.


  • Laptop required, Adobe Flash CC
Introduction to Javascript


On successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Learn about animation techniques used on the Web;
  • Create timeline based animations in Flash;
  • Use keyframes for animation;
  • Use frame-by-frame animation;
  • Work with vector objects in Flash;
  • Create animated GIFs;
  • Publish Flash content for the Web.
Web Development Diploma
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