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DPS 16331 36 hours

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This course introduces Web Marketing Communications and presents a framework to help students understand how to think about and implement effective Internet marketing programs. The focus is on using marketing levers to vary the level of intensity that the consumer has with a website to build a relationship with the customer through four stages: from Awareness, to Exploration/Expansion, to Commitment, and possibly through Dissolution.

This four stage customer-centric framework shows students how to use the Internet to create intense and profitable relationships with their customers. In addition to discussing the key levers that marketers can use to create relationships, we focus on two primary forces that the Internet brings to marketing - the Individual and Interactivity - detailing how these forces influence key marketing levers and how these forces can be leveraged to create intense relationships with customers.


Marketing Fundamentals


On completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • Recognize key communication theories, design models, and message characteristics influencing digital communication;
  • Apply search engine and social media optimization strategies to boost search rankings;
  • Deconstruct the characteristics of a viral message and identify the factors that make the message spread;
  • Develop a digital brand strategy and know how to leverage brand reputation from a corporate, not-for-profit or political perspective;
  • Critique various online business models and gauge the effectiveness of their online communication channels.
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