Working with Challenging Behaviours - DEA 16439

DEA 16439 30 hours

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  • To provide practical knowledge about dealing with behaviour problems in groups and one-on-one settings


  • Understanding of useful approaches for dealing with behaviour problems in group and one-on-one settings
  • Understanding of the concepts of power and power struggle
  • Knowledge about appropriate and effective use of authority in group settings and the weaknesses of punishment and reward systems
  • Knowledge about how “old-fashioned” power often escalates rather than resolves conflict
  • Insight into personal emotions when experiencing a power struggle with a child
Upcoming Classes

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DEA 16439 1403 Working with Challenging Behaviours Instructor: Barry Wolfe
Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri -
to (10 classes)
Room: 2BC59

Class will run from 1-4pm on March 18, 2015

Wesley and Buhler Buildings