Working with Difficult Colleagues - DPS 16385

DPS 16385 7 hours

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This seminar is intended to help participants work with difficult colleagues. Participants will have the opportunity to examine and practice techniques of dealing with difficult behaviours in others. Participants will examine a collection of “difficult” styles that tend to stand out when people work together. A step-by-step process to address difficult behaviours in colleagues will be presented including: deciding to engage, giving effective feedback while minimizing defensive reactions, and staying on track when defensiveness appears.

This workshop is interactive and allows participants to practice the skills in a fun and non-threatening environment.


On completion of this seminar, participants will:

  • Understand the difference between difficult colleagues and different styles;
  • Identify common difficult behaviour sets;
  • Practice and develop the skills needed to deal with defensive behaviour;
  • Identify the specific strategies to deal with difficult behaviour sets;
  • Provide the opportunity for participants to apply the material to their own circumstance.
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DPS 16385 1801 Working with Difficult Colleagues Instructor: Genella McIntrye
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