Working with Exceptional Children - DEA 15128

DEA 15128 30 hours

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This course provides an overview of exceptional children within a school setting, with a focus on the cause, characteristics, and implications of specific exceptionalities.  Topics to be addressed include the following: learning disabilities, cognitive delays, behaviour disorders, visual and hearing impairments, physical and health handicaps, and children with multiple exceptionalities.  The goal is to acquaint the Educational Assistant with exceptionalities and offer suggestions for the classroom.   


  • To provide basic understanding about working with exceptional children


  • Knowledge about exceptional children including cause, characteristics and implications of specific exceptionalities, particularly within the school system
  • Knowledge about learning, physical and health disabilities
  • Understanding of cognitive delays, behaviour disorders, visual and hearing impairments and children with multiple exceptionalities
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Upcoming Classes

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DEA 15128 1801 Working with Exceptional Children Instructor: Phil Baker
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