Writing for Public Relations III - DPS 51001

DPS 51001 36 hours

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The Writing for Public Relations III course is the capstone of the public relations writing courses. This course helps participants further develop their writing skills by producing a variety of longer communication pieces commonly used by public relations professionals in their daily work. The course dissects annual reports, grant proposals, position papers, and other essential communication reports so that participants can produce strategic and persuasive documents. Key elements cover the legal requirements, the information gathering process, the writing essentials, and the basics of layout and design.


On successful completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • Write to impact change and shift public perception;
  • Strengthen their public relations writing and tailor the style according to medium, audience and issue;
  • Prepare advanced reporting communications such as Annual General Reports, status reports, Request for Proposals (RFP), and formal business cases;
  • Produce a credible position paper that substantiates a claim based on a well-developed and fact-based argument;
  • Write concise, well-structured and informative briefing notes for senior management or officials;
  • Prepare an effective grant proposal or funding application and identify sources of previous submissions.
Public Relations, Marketing & Strategic Communication Diploma
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