What is an internship?

Internship is a gateway to your re-entry into the workforce and provides a tangible framework to develop hands-on work experience. Internship will help you gain confidence in skills developed through your studies and build a portfolio through real-world work assignments.

What are the internship eligibility criteria?

You are expected to commit a minimum of 100 hours of direct service to the internship site.

Internship approval is conditional to an exemplary attendance record and a minimum grade point of B+ (75-82%) or higher:

Is internship mandatory?

No, but it is strongly recommended. You may need to obtain permission from your sponsoring agency if you wish to opt out of the internship component of the program.

Before you making a final decision on whether to participate in internship, you will have the opportunity to attend an internship orientation session and meet with the Program Coordinator for a one-on-one meeting to explore different internship options.

What qualifies as an internship site?

The UWPACE will approve an internship site based on the following criteria:

  1. The site allows you to build on the theory and practice acquired through your studies;
  2. The internship site will benefit your career goals;
  3. The organization assigns an experienced practitioner to supervise you;
  4. The Site Supervisor is committed to mentoring, and will provide on-going feedback about your work;
  5. The internship organization commits physical space and technology to support your work;
  6. The University approves the proposed work assignments.

How do I apply for internship?

Qualified applicants apply through the prescribed internship application process based on the internship opportunities available through the University.

When do I start my internship?

The internship placement is scheduled during the final month of the program and students work approximately seven hours per day over a 20-day period.

Can I lose an internship?

You may lose an internship due to poor job performance, lack of professionalism, or chronic absenteeism.

How is the internship evaluated?

The internship site prepares a final evaluation report, which the University issues to the student. This summary identifies key strengths, individual weaknesses, and areas for future professional development.

How is the internship graded?

The internship component is graded as Pass/Fail. You will be evaluated based on your overall performance including:

  • the quality of your work;
  • your initiative;
  • your ability to meet deadlines;
  • your ability to receive and adapt to structured feedback;
  • your professional conduct;
  • your ability to work in a team environment.


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