Learning Techniques Seminar - DPS 15179

DPS 15179 3 hours

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This seminar gives students the tools they need to be successful with their current studies and with lifelong learning. Students will gain an understanding of their own learning style and of how the learning process works. In addition, they will learn to apply practical strategies for goal setting, managing their time, reading texts, enhancing memory, taking notes, writing essays and studying for exams.


On completion of this seminar, participants will:

  • Understand the learning process;
  • Learn to use memorization strategies;
  • Learn to use class time effectively;
  • Learn to use study notes sheets;
  • Learn to read effectively;
  • Learn to write assignments and essays;
  • Learn to prepare for tests and exams;
  • Learn to cope with stress.

Additional Comments

  • Students who have completed a post-secondary academic program may be exempted from this seminar.
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Upcoming Classes

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