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DPS 15486 36 hours

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Studies show that managers spend a large percentage of their time dealing with conflict. This is a practical, hands-on course that will teach managers and supervisors to “nip conflicts in the bud” and resolve issues before they grow. Participants will learn how to deal with conflict one-on-one, how to empower their employees to deal with their own conflicts constructively, and how to conduct joint meetings between conflicted employees effectively.

The course is unusually interactive and uses simulations so that students will finish the course having already experimented with resolving conflict. Participants are required to come with their own conflict scenarios to discuss.

Students who receive a full credit for this course can use it towards a Certificate in Conflict Resolution at the Resolution Skills Centre in Winnipeg.


On completion of this course, students will:

  •    Identify conflict's predictable patterns and the skills required to proactively engage it;
  •    Demonstrate communication skills and methods for clearing up misunderstandings, recovering from mistakes, and resolving disagreements;
  •    Support and empower people that come to them with conflicts they have with someone else; by using their new understanding of the key elements of a resolution coaching model.
  •    Define and demonstrate the use of a model for informal mediation
  •    Recognize when not to engage in mediation
  •    Describe the employer's obligation in dealing with harassment under relevant Manitoba Regulations, including addressing and assessing complaints such as harassment and bullying
  •    Demonstrate ways to address toxic workplaces/dynamics

Additional Comments

  • Textbook Required
Advanced Diploma In Leadership In Early Childhood Care And Education ProgramHuman Resource Management Diploma Program (Part-time)Management Certificate ProgramNo longer accepting applications: Project Management Diploma Program (Part-time)Applied Project Management CertificateBusiness Systems Analyst Diploma
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