Managing in a Unionized Environment - DPS 59035

DPS 59035 7 hours

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“What do you mean we just can’t fire her?” This seminar is designed for managers and supervisors and will expose them to some of the collective agreement constraints within a unionized environment. It will also provide a framework for managing employees within the collective agreement and fostering positive labour relations, which is critical to a productive workplace.


On completion of this seminar, participants will:

  • Understand the rights and obligations of management, employees and the union, including limitations on the right to manage imposed by collective agreements;
  • Understand the importance of effective union-management relations;
  • Understand the labour relations system and employment legislation;
  • Learn how to deal with different types of workplace problems, including absenteeism;
  • poor performance, and misconduct;
  • Understand alternate dispute resolution, the grievance process and arbitration.

Additional Comments

Students should bring along a copy of the Quick Guide to Employment Standards

(,quick_guide,factsheet.html )


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DPS 59035 1802 Managing in a Unionized Environment Instructor: Paul Therrien
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