Project Management Fundamentals - DPS 15187

DPS 15187 36 hours

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Whether you are managing a project or enhancing your organizational processes, project management knowledge, tools and techniques are integral to success in today’s cost and time-sensitive business environment. This course will provide students with the fundamental knowledge to effectively initiate, plan, execute, monitor and control, and close a project as a project manager or as a member of a project team. Participants will come to understand how their informal practices align with a PMI-based model that will provide a basis for working with internal or external stakeholders, producing a greater likelihood of project success and sponsor approval.


On completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • Use project management terminology and identify the process groups and knowledge areas within the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK);
  • Apply project management principles and tools to effectively manage projects across various industries and organizational systems;
  • Improve organizational performance by increasing efficiencies through the systematization of processes and prioritization of tasks;
  • Produce key elements of a comprehensive project plan including the scope statement, work breakdown structure, risk register, responsibility matrix, and resource plan;
  • Organize a project team and establish clear roles and responsibilities.


Additional Comments

  • Textbook may be required
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DPS 15187 1801 Project Management Fundamentals Instructor: Kenneth Molloy
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Room: 2BC59

No class: 31-May-18

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DPS 15187 1807 Project Management Fundamentals Instructor:
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Final exam will be 5-Dec-18 6-9pm in TBA

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DPS 15187 1901 Project Management Fundamentals Instructor: Kenneth Molloy
Tue -
to (12 classes)

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