Macro Economics - DPS 51087

DPS 51087 36 hours

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The Canadian economy does not function in isolation but to what extent does this affect average Canadians? This introductory course in Macro Economics applies modern economic theory and principals to our current Canadian economic situation in a global context. Topics include measuring national income, money, banking and monetary policy, the impact of inflation and deflation and unemployment, It also examines the role of monetary and fiscal policies in stabilizing the economy and promoting economic growth, open and closed economies, international trade and foreign exchange rates.


On completion of this course, students will:

  • Define the key macroeconomic variables:  national income, unemployment, inflation, interest and exchange rates, and net exports;
  • Use macroeconomic models to explain changes in output, employment and  inflation;
  • Explain the importance of scarcity, choice, and opportunity costs;
  • Describe the  factors that contribute to the standard of living;
  • Define the economic growth rate, and explain the implications of sustained growth;
  • Describe the various measures of the money supply.

Additional Comments

  • DPS 51087 - Macro Economics  and DPS 51086 - Micro Economics will be posted on the website as equivalent to ECON 1102 and 1103, but not eligible for transfer credit to Department of Economics
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