Cost of Living for International Students

Although Winnipeg is one of the most affordable cities in Canada it is still important to understand how much it will cost to live here. We do not recommend working while attending school, focusing on your education and being able to fully participate in all the student life events is priceless.

Living in residence is a great option for those on their first trip abroad.

Snapshot: Cost Living for International Students (PDF)

  • Living on campus while studying at UWinnipeg is a great way to make lasting friendships and excel in your studies. Explore our room options and meal plans to help you choose the options that is best for you!
  • If you will be a first year UWinnipeg student in Fall 2017, you may be eligible to apply for our 1st Year Residence Guarantee – learn if you qualify today!

If you wish to rent an apartment close to the university there are many options.

  • Directly behind PACE is a new apartment complex, Downtown Commons, which is affordable, and a 2-minute commute to school.
  • You may also find rentals online by doing a simple search. If you are unsure of the area please feel free to ask our staff about the location.

Before you come to study at PACE it's a good idea to ensure you have funding in place to allow you to focus on your studies - we want to see you succeed!

  • Cost for rentals can vary depending on type of apartment; you should budget for $600-$1000/monthly.
  • Food costs can also vary, you should budget roughly $300-$400/monthly
  • Transportation costs will depend on if you walk, take a bus or drive. Costs will vary between $0(walking) - $70 (bus) - $200+ (parking)


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